LinkedIN 101 Workshop

For those that are job searching or marketing their services, make the most of this underutilized network!

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has exploded to about 800M users. However, only 1% of the users post content. LinkedIn allows for multiple ways to connect with individuals far outside your network and gives you reach and visibility just by being active. If you are a solopreneur trying to market your services or a job seeker looking for your next employment opportunity, LinkedIn is an invaluable tool.

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What you need

- 2 hours for the video tutorial walkthrough plus whatever additional time you need to implement the setup of your profile
- Basic computer and software knowledge and ability to follow along with a video walkthrough
- Account with LinkedIn

What you get

- A start to finish process that will walk you through how to: create and optimize your profile so you can be found and get noticed, best ways to add warm connections and tips and tricks to use the platform most efficiently to accomplish your goals
- Unlimited email support from me for questions or profile walkthroughs
- This workshop does NOT teach content marketing for LinkedIn. It is a tool to get you set up to use the platform optimally right out of the gate

Use code "meplease" at checkout to receive $10 off!

What they're saying

Use code "meplease" at checkout to receive $10 off!